Assisi - Rome, April 15-18, 2009

Letter of convocation for a Chapter

Capitolo Internazionale delle Stuoie 2009“ We are all directly invited to make an Act of Thanksgiving for the gift which God gave us and His Church by calling Christians, through the intercession of Francis and his companions, to accept the totality of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a new life.This call – the grace of our origins – has not ceased to echo, to be understood, or to be expressed in life and now, after eight centuries, it reaches out to countless numbers of men and women of every condition and state of life.

…the event we are preparing to celebrate concerns us all, we cannot live this without each other!

It is also an invitation to begin immediately giving thanks…for the project of Francis and his companions to live “according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ” was approved in 1209, by Pope Innocent III. We have, at a distance of eight centuries, the grace to be the inheritors of this project and of the serious task of being those who must continue it.”

(From the letter of the Conference of the Franciscan Family in preparation for the 8th Centenary. November 29, 2006)

“my blessed brothers,
let us observe the Rule
we have promised
the Lord”

(St. Francis)


“…when the Chapter ended, that which was call the Chapter of Mats, held at St. Mary of the Porziuncola, at which five thousand brothers were gathered, St. Francis consoled them all well, and taught them how to escape this wicked world without sin. With the blessing of God, and his own, he sent them, consoled with spiritual joy, back to their Provinces.”

(The Little Flowers, Chapter 18)